"30" Cassette Tape
"30" Cassette Tape
"30" Cassette Tape
"30" Cassette Tape

"30" Cassette Tape

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Artist: ANSU

Title: 30

Runtime: 20min

Numbered Edition of 30

Signed: Yes

Published on May 6th 2022

Publisher: ANSU

Made in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Condition: New


To commemorate his new single "30", German artist ANSU has released an exclusive cassette tape. The contents include the single, as well as different audio bites, messages and sounds to enhance the experience.

Released at a pop up on May 6th 2022, all tapes feature ANSU's signature and an individual number. Only 30 tapes were made, 5 of which were reserved for this online drop.

Condition: The condition of the tapes is new. The tapes have been handled and opened in order to sign.

Please note: We only have 5 tapes available. You will receive a random number.