About Vanitasism

What started as an Instagram repost-page in January 2018 quickly turned into a full-blown blog and then reverted back into a repost-page. The intention behind Vanitasism however remained the same: sharing knowledge, information and culture. Tired of social media and after realizing many others run archive pages much better than us, we decided to take a different approach and actually offer the things you see on these blogs and moodboards in a tightly curated shopping experience.

We search the globe and the web to bring you the finest in culture and style. From our favorite Ura-Hara brands such as A Bathing Ape, Undercover, GoodEnough or Neighborhood to avant-garde designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garçons, Maison Margiela and Japanese americana labels like KAPITAL, Studio D'Artisan or Hollywood Ranch Market. Our wide range of influences and interests are reflected in our choices and selections, whether it be streetwear from Tokyo or high fashion from Paris.

A large focus is put on printed matter, from books to magazines and collection lookbooks. We are especially passionate about preserving pre-internet information, as a lot of the cultural pillars of today have been erected before the digital age. Join us in flipping through the pages of vintage Japanese fashion magazines such as smart, Boon, asAyan, relax, and many more.

Our own in-house brand "assadi" is the eponymous line of founder Emad Assadi. Instead of always looking on from the sidelines, we want to represent Hamburg, Germany and join in on the global conversation of creative culture and style. To prove that our city has lots of talent and ideas, we will support and showcase local brands and endeavors by our friends and family.

Disclaimer: None of the products sold can be taken to the afterlife.