assadi The Observer Skull T-Shirt tshirt White
assadi The Observer Skull T-Shirt tshirt Black
assadi The Observer Skull T-Shirt tshirt Black

The Observer T-Shirt White

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Brand: assadi

Ethically made in Bangladesh

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Color: White

Sizing: Please consult our size guide.

Our manufacturer is part of the Fair Wear Foundation and GOTS certified.

The embroidery was done in Hamburg, Germany.


This design is called "The Observer". In a world where everybody feels the constant need to "express" themselves or feels pressured to "voice their opinion", we wanted to revert some importance back to listening. Initially the graphic included a mouth/teeth. Removing the mouth was an important part of the process for this design. To fully carry the meaning we intended, the skull needed to have a mouth at one point.

Sometimes it is more impactful in the long run to be quiet, to observe, to be attentive, to listen, to study, to ask instead of always trying to answer. Use your senses to take information in. This is why we kept the nose. Gather information through all your senses. Limit your information output to the valuable and limit the nonsense (the word nonsense just got a whole new meaning for us in connection to the five senses).

Nowadays it seems output far outweighs input. Let's try to bring back some balance for ourselves at least.